Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 18September2012



Colony pcr with taq polymerase for the constructs: amilcp + alsT, lycopene + alsT, amilcp + fnr, lycopene + fnr, amilcp + sboA, lycopene + sboA and amilgfp + sboA.

The pcr products of amilcp + fnr, amilcp + sboA and amilgfp + sboA were succesfull. The constructs with lycopene need a longer elongation time. The primers for alsT are probably causing flaws.


miniprep of psbic3 with alst+amilCP and SboA+cmilCP/amilGFP/lycopene. Restriction control with EcoRI and PstI. All the construct with SboA are good and will be sent tomorrow.

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