Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 16August2012



Ligation of Psb1c3 with Fnr promotor combined to GFP. For the digestion of Psb1c3, 258.2 ng was used. For the digestion of Fnr promotor and GFP, 239 ng was used. Ligation was done with 25.82 ng Psb1c3 and 36 ng of Fnr promotor + GFP.

Result: After transformation and plasmid isolation all the colonies contained empty plasmids.


The plates were thrashed in the waste bin (accidentally). Re-do the activities from 14-08-2012


Result of E. coli transformation:
1. Fnr+lycopene: pink-white colonies appear. Some colonies are brighter than the others.
2. LacI+lycopene: pink-white colonies appears. More colonies have bright pink/fuschia colour.
3. Fnr+amilCP: pink-white colonies.
4. LacI+amilCP: pink-white colonies.
5. Fnr:amilGFP: pink-white colonies.
6. LacI+amilGFP: pink-white colonies.

To do with the transformans:
1. for lacI and fnr+lycopene: pick the bright pink/fuschia colonies. subculture them in LB + antibiotic
2. for lacI and fnr+amilCP and amilGFP: pick the white colonies. subculture in LB + antibiotic.

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