Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 14September2012



Restriction and ligation of constructs and linearized psb1c3 for submitting of parts.
3 constructs of alsT with amilgfp, amilcp and lycopene in psb1c3. 3 constructs of fnr with amilgfp, amilcp and lycopene in psb1c3. 4 constructs of sboA with 2x amilgfp,amilcp and lycopene in psb1c3.
Transformation in E. coli did not work probably due to bad competent cells.


Plasmid isolation results: some E. coli containing volatile detection device showed very strong colour. We also isolated positive control of GFP expression that has been provided by Jeroen (rrnB promoter+GFP)

Cloned strong promoter rrnB to pSac-Cm+GFP opt.

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