Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 13September2012



Measured FNR-GFP inside psac-cm inside B.subtilis 168. Same setup as 12/09.

After setup OD =

  • 0.889 (rotten meat, FNR-GFP)
  • 1.040 (no meat, WT)
  • 0.675 (no meat, FNR-GFP)
  • 1.435 (no meat, FNR-GFP, not inoculated again (old culture to see wether stationary phase induces GFP))

further microscopic part is executed by Arjan/Elbrich: no results.


pSac-Cm + RFP NanoDrop

1: 231,3 ng/ul
2: 131,0 ng/ul
3: 238,9 ng/ul
4: 166,8 ng/ul

After cutting, sizes on gel were correct: 2 bands, one at 5000 bp (pSac-Cm) and one at 1000 bp (RFP)


Result of E. coli transformation: we FINALLY have some blue colonies! E. coli containing fnr+amilCP and sboA+amilCP appeared blue. The other transformans are white/yellowish and white/pinkish(not very sure about the colour differences)

O/N culture all the transformans for further checking!

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