Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 11July2012



AlsT PCR with Pfu and Taq polymerase at 60 °C with primers 150, 250, 300, 500 bp.


Plasmid isolation of Biobrick parts BBa_K116603, BBa_K116602, BBa_J31019, BBa_K116639, BBa_K116609. Concentrations of 69.9, 76.5, 109.8, 70.2, 106.2 ng/ul respectively.
EcoRI restiction of with these isolated plasmids.


D-Day: washed and scanned the slides! The slides were subsequently washed using the ArrayIt® Microarray Wash Station and dried by centrifuging (2 min, 2000 rpm, RT). Slides were scanned using a Genepix Professional 4200AL (Axon instruments, Union City CA USA) array scanner, using the Genepix Pro 6.1 software (Axon instruments), default settings for Cy3/Cy5.

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