Team:Groningen/Notebook/Modeling 15June2012


A few points

1. Modeling the reaction pathway (above) has identified critical flaws which directed the project.

2. MCA is useless.

3. FBA will be used to determine the nutrients (and the amount of) capable of supporting growth before the meat starts to give off ammonium.

4. TnrA is only active while GS is converting ammonium to glutamine.

5. We will use a positive feedback loop downstream of magic to isolate the expression the color operon from TnrA. The TnrA concentration will decrease once the cell has converted enough NH4 into glutamine, which in turn is controlled by the growth rate. So, TnrA will merely start the loop.

6. I must find the best way to ensure TnrA is ONLY present when there is extracellular NH4.
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Groningen2012 JP 20120615 NH4-TnrA Relationship v2.png