iGEM Grenoble 2012

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Get deeper into safety

Information you have to read

Explanation of methods


Synthetic biology is a relatively young research field. However, there are already many advances made in terms of safety.

For example, specific genetic functions are used to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms. Those are for instance:
  • Genes preventing the propagation of DNA between microorganisms
  • Genes forcing microorganisms to grow only on specific media
  • Genes controlling cell death

In addition there is a classification of microorganisms according to their pathogenicity. This implies a legal framework which provides a safe environment to work in. In this field of work, safety is not only done regarding microorganisms dissemination but also protocols and chemical products used. But before setting up prevention means, the first thing to do is to assess risks. Therefore in this part we will try to explain the way safety assessments were done as well as the results they gave.
In order to clarify the statements, we decided to divide the section according to their contents.

Blue: Get deeper into safety

Red: Information you have to read

Green: Explanation of methods