iGEM Grenoble 2012


Students Events

Grenoble is considered to be one of the most vibrant student cities in France. The large student population (about 60 000 – a tenth of the population) is young, lively and cosmopolitan. The city is dynamic with many cultural and sporting activities

Most of those activities are organized by the student board, bettern known as the « Grand Cercle » and other associations.

Through the years, the different student bodies organsise numerous events for the 60 000 students of Grenoble. In this section we present you the major events of the year.

The Gala

It takes place after the graduating ceremony. A panoply of events including a casino, rock music, jazz, gospel, a disco, lounge singing and a host of other events take place this night. There are usually around 2000 people attending.

The Inter-University fall Festival

In october each year, a massive open air concert is organized. 5000 people from all over the town come for a free concert.

The Olympiades

This is a massive sports tournament for all the students to compete in whether you prefer ultimate, athletics, basketball, volleyball, football, rugby and handball. You can compete for your branch or try to win the best supporters prize awarded by the Grand Cercle.

Engineers whithout borders

Grenoble Institutes of Technology has already organized a project in Cameroon. They set up 4 wells in the village of Bongo for the provision of drinking water. New projects are being developed to help the disadventaged.

The students also undertake projects to raise the awareness of problems in developing countries, notably through exhibitions based along certain themes, such as social responsability in engineering or fair trade.

The 4L Trophy

It is a rally through the stunning landscape of the Morocco desert, in the heat and sometimes even alongside the camels, but in 4L, not a 4X4.

The rules are simple : turn up in a 4L and finish the race, briniging along the way several kilos of school material for the local schools. In other words, 6000 km of travel via spain.


Two days of mountains adventure ! It is one of the largest student adventure races in France.

Through the Raid we can practice activities as varied as mountain biking, bike boarding, canoeing, orienteering, tyroleans, abseiling, archery or biathlon… all over a course of 130 km with 4000 m of altitude change.