Team:Grenoble/Human Practice


iGEM Grenoble 2012



The human practice has been an important part of our project as it represents the way of bringing synthetic biology to real life and considering its impact on society.
In order to fulfill this general aim, we focused our study on three axes:

  1. How useful can our sensor be in the medical field?

  2. We contacted a medical expert in the field of infectious agents' detection and identification. We were informed about the most used pathogen detection methods, their limits and the researchers' needs and expectations. We had then gathered all the essential constraints that our device had to meet.

  3. Design and improvement of the BioBrick Safety Sheet

  4. Have you already heard about our BioBrick Safety Sheet (BSS) and the way it could improve safety in synthetic biology? If no, you still can catch up by having a glance at this section.

  5. Promoting synthetic biology

  6. A talk has been given in a large lecture hall in Minatec in order to present the iGEM competition and promote synthetic biology to the scientific community of Grenoble.
    You can find the slides of our lecture here.