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iGEM Grenoble 2012


Promoting synthetic biology

Midi-Minatec is a weekly scientific event that takes place in the 400-seat lecture theatre of Minatec. Every week it gathers the scientific community of Grenoble around an innovative research subject.
This year, we applied to this event and could on the 14th of September present the iGEM event and our project to students, professors and researchers from different Labs.

Pierre presenting the biological network.

From left to right: Pierre, Mathieu, Grégory, Julie, Nicolas, Nadia, Adeline, Elise.

The audience during the presentation.

During the talk we presented synthetic biology as an interdisciplinary field that brings together biology, modeling and Safety. Most of the audience heard about iGEM for the first time and found such an interdisciplinary approach interesting.
This talk helped us not only promote synthetic biology in Grenoble but also improve certain points concerning our projects thanks to the technical questions of the audience and their feedbacks.

You can find the slides of our lecture here.

Coming up next week

We are going to present our work and promote Synthetic Biology at the INRIA institute.