Note Book - iGEM Bordeaux 2012

Day 29 : 13-08-2012

Today we transformed the lovtap brick

Day 30 : 14-08-2012

Today we received the primers needed for backbone amplification So we runned a PCR for the four different backbones.
We also started to make a new stock of competent cells by putting the cells to incubate on 250 mL SOB overnight.

Day 31 : 15-08-2012

We checked on gel the results of the PCR wich runned overnight The amplification seem to have worked well we have a good amount of backbones on each tubes
We plated IB1, IVD and IIB2 culture stock because we'll need more of those three bricks
We also finished our new competent cells stock So we decided to test them with different amounts of a new IAIB ligation and as usual 1μg pBlueScript

Day 32 : 16-08-2012

Today we put the IAIB transformants colonies on LB preculture.
We then did a ligation of ICIE , IIAIIB , IIC(1)5B , IIIAIIIB , 5AIIIC , IIIE IIID 5AIVD , IVEIVC and put them overnight at 4°C.

Day 33 : 17-08-2012

Today we checked the digestions on agarose gel and we transformed the ligations from yesterday.
The IAIB precultures had a fungal contamination.