Note Book - iGEM Bordeaux 2012

Day 34 : 20-08-2012

Today we put 5 transformant colonies per plate into LB preculture And put to incubate overnight a 37°C

Day 35 : 21-08-2012

Today we did a miniprep for the tube witch had grown overnight
Nanodrop results :

Day 36 : 22-08-2012

Today we tested the ligations on agarose gel
IIC5B , 5AIVD , IVEIVC are OK but 5AIIIC and IIAIIB have to be remade.

Day 37 : 23-08-2012

Today we did new ligations for IAIB ICIE 5AIVB IIIAIIIB IIIEIIID.
We decided to now put the ligation to incubate 1 hour at 20°C then inactivate the ligase 5 min at 80°C.

Day 38 : 24-08-2012

Today we transformed the ligations from yesterday.
Before transformation we purified the DNA by ethanol precipitation.
We used a new batch of electro-competent DH5α.