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This year our team had the opportunity to partner with TedxCalgary in developing a Ted talk which we will be presenting October 13th in Calgary. We think this will be a great opportunity to present to not only our city, but also a part of a larger, international event (City 2.0). We had a lot of fun thinking about synthetic biology and our project and the best way to share that in a relevant and meaningful way.

"Ideas Worth Sharing"

In accordance with Ted's logo, we

UofC City 2.0 Picture.png

City 2.0

Our talk will be part of. City 2.0 is an awarding winning event that will occur concurrentlly in over 40 cities around the world on October 13th. This event is inspired by many ideas around building better cities, but is trying to move on to the next step: taking action. The themes involve Art, Food, Education, Public Space, Health and more! The ultimate goal is to create the city of the future “inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful, and thriving!”

Find our talk after Jamboree at TEDxCalgary website: [1]