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Project Labcloud

Group in a mess?

When we are in an iGEM Team,you may find it difficult to manage the group.

  • Unable to get updated in project?
  • Cannot share ideas to everyone?
  • Busy with sending arrangements?



Cloud note

iGEM Team in Cloud

With Labcloud,iGEMers can communicate in mobile way!

Cloud Notes provides an effcient way of sharing ideas and experiment logs. It has a html-based editor(Thanks to TQEditor Project) which enables rich-text editor. You can select font size, font color, alignment, or even insert a horizon line. You can also add pictures, attachments, URLs, dates, records and positions with the "Add button". Each group can have multiple notebooks to write on.

Cloud Reminders

Email and SMS will not be used to arrange work anymore!Cloud reminders can do these things more effciently and it is really easy to use. Team menbers share a list of memos in Cloud reminders. It will provide basic info about each reminder and fire a notification in time no matter whether Labcloud is running or not.

Cloud Reminders




Integrated Biobrick Viewer

A simple Biobrick browser which is integrated in notebook editor

Easily search and display a Biocrick online.

Direct insert into Cloudnotes.

More Features


Enable push notification

Team member control

You can join in more than one group.


It's free and opensource!

Current being reviewed by Appstore.

BioBrick Viewer

In order to help our team members with Biobrick assembly,we also build a opensource IOS APP "BioBrick Viewer".

Biobrick 1.0 contains a offline database of all the 7000+ biobricks in partsregistry until 9.16.2012.

BioBrick Viewer will be contributed to partsregistry and github in few days. Or you can download the sourcecode here,and download the Parts registry xml dumper and index builder .

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