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Tian Tian is a core member of Fudan-Lux and the leader of the Project Bacto-trafficking. She is a highly innovative researcher and skillful experimenter who first proposed the idea of bacto-trafficking and finished most of the experiments herself. Moreover, she makes great contributions to the Project Biowave and Human Practice as well. She owns amazing enthusiasms for researches and experiments.

Juntao Mai

Juntao Mai is an expert in molecular biology and protein analyzing. We call him “the technical guidance” in private. His works ensure our experiments to proceed in the correct direction. His motto is that “don’t worry, let’s take a complete look at it”.

Yu An

Yu An is quite good at molecular biology and is one of the laugh producers. Thanks to her, our routine experiments can proceed in order. She updates our lab-notobook every day as well. Her motto should be that ”hahahahaha”.

Zining Hou

Zining Hou is skillful in molecular biology and protein design. He is the “father” of our modified protein “Lov-HTH” &”Lov-tetR”. Moreover, he also participates in most of our routine experiments. His motto is that “be sure not to have any fluke mind, god is watching”.

Jiaheng Yin

Jiaheng Yin is our talented programmer, and he is also a good thinker. The Lab-Cloud project sparkles his capability. He is also our team’s private photographer and image processing manager. His motto is that “Think as a programmer and remember the zero before one”.

Jiatao Lee

Jiatao Li is a good “friend” of bacteria in our group and he contributes a lot in microbe culturing and genetic analyzing in the meantime. He is famous in our team for his diligence and humor. His motto is that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Jianpei Niu

Jianpei Niu is quite a creative thinker and a great revolutionary. The basic idea of our Biowave project comes from him. He also ensures the supplies purchasing in our group to be successful and make the "bees" video.

Pan Kong

Pan Kong has a great deal of knowledge about biochemistry. He participates in our routine experiments on DNA expression analyzing. As a responsible man, his motto is that ”business before pleasure”.

Yunan Gao

Yunan Gao is a core member of the Project Bacto-Trafficking. She is responsible for some key experiments, including injecting E.coli into Hela cells via electroporation and observing Ca2+ flow via two-photon Ca2+ imaging. Besides, She plays the role as a language counselor when writing wiki.

Hongjiang Si

Hongjiang Si is good at molecular biology and also a competent contact person. He takes active part in our routine experiments and is meanwhile in charge of contacting with other organizations. His motto is that “work makes a workman”.


Ruoyu Luo

School of life science
System biology and synthetic biology


Xiaojian Hu

Yu Ding

Li Jin

Shouyi Qiao

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