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Practice Cool practice in summer!


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Project LabCloud aims to provide a mobile app for iGEMers to share their experiments, logs, ideas, files and others in and between teams. It will also provide group’s shared calendar, instruments management and other powerful functions to help iGEMers’ cooperation. Moreover, it has the Push Notification feather to ensure timely communication. Besides, we create an APP Biobrick Viewer accompany with labcloud to provide an easy access to partsregistry.You will find it on App Store soon and it is free for iGEMers!)
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  • Project date Sep 20th 2012
  • position Fudan University
  • Members All team members
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That is about the activity together with the Society of Bertalanffy and Fudan-D. The Society of Bertalanffy is a newly created academic association in memory of Ludwig von Bertalanffy, father of systems biology.

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Other Practice

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We also practise in other fields:

Promote iGEM and synthetic biology on many social network.
Inspire senior school students of learning life science.
Meet and share ideas with Richard Robert(Chief Scientist of NEB) .
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