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Association Association of iGEM fans!

Another significant event of Human Practice is the activity together with the Society of Bertalanffy and the team of Fudan-D. The Society of Bertalanffy is a newly-created academic association in memory of Ludwig von Bertalanffy, father of systems biology. On September 20th, the two iGEM teams of Fudan 2012, we Fudan-Lux and Fudan-D, cooperated with the Society of Bertalanffy to recruit new members for this new-born society and make propaganda for synthetic biology and Fudan iGEM. In addition to the elaborately-made exhibition board and leaflets, we prepared various kinds of biological materials to exhibit as well, including colorful fluorescent proteins and some cute model organisms such as mice and zebra fishes. Together with two iGEM teams’ great efforts to publicize, the exhibition booth of the Society of Bertalanffy was surprisingly attractive and popular. Hundreds of students visited our booth with great interests and more than thirty ones signed to become members of the Society of Bertalanffy within less than two hours. Thereby, we achieved a great success not only for the new members we obtained and the knowledge of synthetic biology we disseminated, but also the great cooperation and friendship that we enjoyed and further developed via this activity.

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