Team:University College London/Protocols/Electrophoresis



Preparing the Gel

Step 1: Within a conical flask, add 3ml 50X TAE, 1.5g Agarose, and 150ml RO water

Step 2: Heat for 1 min in microwave. Swirl. Heat again for 30s. If solution is clear stop. Else repeat.

Step 3: Cool solution under running cold water.

Step 4: Add 20ul ethidium bromide (normal concentration of EB solution is 500ug/ul)

Step 5: Pour into a sealed casting tray in a slow steady stream, ensuring there are no bubbles

Running a gel

Step 6: Add 1 part loading buffer to five parts of loading sample

Step 7: Position the gel in the tank and add TAE buffer, enough to cover the gel by several mm

Step 8: Add 5ul of DNA ladder to lane 1

Step 9: Add samples to the remaining wells

Step 10: Run at 100 volts for 1hour and 15 minutes

Imaging the Gel

Step 11: Place gel in GelDoc 2000 chamber

Step 12: Turn GelDoc 2000 chamber onĀ 

Step 13: From computer: Quantity One > Scanner > Gel_Doc_Xr>Manuqal Acquire

Step 14: Alter the exposure/settings to give a clear image.

TAE - Tris-acetate-EDTA

EDTA - ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid