Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Human practice/Project


Biosearch:A Portable Synthetic Biology Research Tool

With Biosearch, users can find and check the information that they need much more quickly and conveniently, free from the constraints of the network conditions and location restrictions. Researchers can build their biobrick framework anywhere, anytime.

At the same time, in Biosearch, on the 'more' page, there is a 'learn!' part. In this part, there are 'Synthetic biology', 'Assembly' and 'Parts'.In 'Synthetic biology', the part shows the user 'What is Synthetic Biology' and 'Why Synthetic Biology base on standard parts'. This part is very useful for the freshman. Users can quickly introduce synthetic biology to the novice and people interested in it.

With the app store 25 billions downloads have been reached, a new era is coming. As a mobile phone has many applications just like PC, some applications even have more mobile phone users than PC users. The direction of software development has been shifted to mobile devices, and software development on the mobile devices is irreversible change. And we take partregistry to the Apple device (the most widely used smartphone). When other basic disciplines'development still depends on paper documents or network data, synthetic biology has come to the forefront of the time.

From now on, synthetic biology is no longer a discipline limited in laboratory , researchers can take it walking in every corner of the world, to show the world the charm of synthetic biology.