Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Biosearch Update


Future Plan


Key Features in BioSearch V2.0

  BioSearch is just a 2-month old software developed entirely by a group of passionate undergraduate novices from SUSTC who dare to challenge the unchallengeable. During the past 2 months, we are making every effort to optimize it incessantly. BioSearch still has a long way to go. With careful analysis and prudent evaluation of our application, here we make a list of improvements waiting to be implemented in next version.


iPad version

  To better satisfy the need of increasing iPad user.


Merge BioSearch with BioDesign

  We expect to import data from BioSearch to BioDesign to do biochemical reaction simulation. Then BioSearch will be even stronger and comprehensive.


Discussion Zone

  Since the discussion zone on Partsregistry rarely has been visited. In order to promote academic communication between iGEM participants and synthetic biologists, we believe a discussion zone on mobile platform will be more popular and more convenient. That involves the management of discussion record on web server that might be achieved in the future.


History View

  If achieved, BioSearch will be even better than a web explorer.



  We hope users could vote for their favorite biobrick as an encouragement to its author.


Synchronization of database with Partsregistry

  In our current version, database is directly downloaded from the official website as xml file and saved as SQLite file in local system.Since the website doesn't update very often, our database may not satisfy the need of all users. Therefore, we plan to add database-update function to our next version of BioSearch.