Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Biodesign Update


Future Plan


Key Features in BioDesign V2.0

  BioSearch is just a 2-month old software developed entirely by a group of passionate undergraduate novices from SUSTC who dare to challenge the unchallengeable. During the past 2 months, we are making every effort to optimize it incessantly. BioSearch still has a long way to go. With careful analysis and prudent evaluation of our application, here we make a list of improvements waiting to be implemented in next version.


iPad version & Android Version

  To better satisfy the need of increasing iPad/Android user.


Merge BioDesign with BioSearch

  We expect to import data from BioSearch to BioDesign to do biochemical reaction simulation. Then BioSearch will be even stronger and comprehensive.


Simulation & Calculation

  What if BioDesign is more than a graphic editing program? Many potential users expected BioDesign to possess simulation function and calculation function. Perhaps we need first to find out the algorithm of simulation and then to take the advantage of cloud calculation via the Internet to make our App more comprehensive.


Optimization of User Interface & Graphics Editing Module

  Currently, BioDesign has achieved all the essential graphic editing functions, which already satisfied the primary requirements of potential users and researchers. However, the layout of the user interface can be improved to be more reasonable and beautiful if time permitted.



  o far, you can use BioDesign to add/delete/rotate/connect figures. However, to better provide convenience to users, we’d like to develop redo/undo/cut/copy functions to cater for users’ habit. These problems are still challenging because these involved much more complex data storage and data extraction. If these problems are not proper-handled, RAM are vulnerable to run out of space. Therefore, we are still trying to overcome those difficulties and to update the App as soon as possible.