Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Human practice



Human Practice Overview

  The human practice of our team is about two major themes. One is studying how the mobile scientific computation platform would influence the development of synthetic biology; the other one is popularizing the knowledge of synthetic biology.

iPhone and Biology

  At the beginning when we chose the project of human practice, we realized that the promoting of computing ability of the mobile platform, which is mainly on iPhone, will bring something new to the approach of synthetic biology research. So we decided to take the two research direction in human practice. We studied the amount and category distribution of the biology apps on app store, click here to see details.


  Popularizing the knowledge of synthetic biology is also a field which we devoted to. We used many approaches to propaganda.

SynBio Intro


  After the beginning of the new semester, we did a poster and a lecture toward the freshmen, so that more and more students would get to know synthetic biology. We also recruited volunteers who are interested in biology to participate in the propaganda. Click here to see details.

High School Lectures


  We went to some of the most outstanding high schools in Shenzhen. By lecturing and distributing leaflets, the high school students were all impressed by the beauty of synthetic biology. Click here to see details.



  We answered the questions of the impact of our project on human practise. Click here to see details.