Brainstorming Sessions


In first part of our brainstorming sessions involved determining the problem in order to solve with this project. Our members had really different and interesting ideas. We didn’t restrict ourselves in first brain storming session so our first session is end up many irrelevant ideas.


Yet, in second session we categorized our ideas in some topics such as bio film, biosensor, data warehousing etc. Then, we pass to the second part of our brainstorming sessions. So, in the third session every member of team chose one idea from the previous sessions and determined a problem related to it.


In fourth and fifth session of brainstorming every member present the “problem” and his or her “solution” and other members of the team discuss them. After all presentations are finished, in the sixth session we chose the most appropriate idea for us. Then we started the literature search for our project and in the seventh session we shared our findings and tried to form a system to our “solution” in the eighth session of brainstorming. In the ninth brainstorming, we almost created our system and we started discussions about human practice, future perspective, software etc. Finally in the tenth session of brainstorming we totally create our project.