• Who are we?

    We are iGEM 2012 team of METU from Ankara, Turkey. We think iGEM is a great opportunity for crosslinking the fun and science. Therefore, each member of our team had not only highly occupied but also enjoyable summer. For more information about our project visit our wiki page.

    Have fun :))

  • CO Converter

    Main aim of our project is to convert CO to CO2 and in order to do that we choose to express the enzyme called CODH (Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase) which can do this conversion biologically and we wanted to use the enzyme present in Mycobacterium Bovis.

  • Kill Switch

    We needed a kill switch system to keep our genetically modified bacteria under control which are found in CO filter. With the help of this system these modified bacteria would die in the case of its release to the environment.

  • Cell Limiter

    In order to make our biological CO filter’s activity well characterized we designed a quorum sensing system. This system keeps the cell growth under control with the help of quorum sensing signals that detect the cell density and stop the cell division.

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