Human Practices


1.Metu Orientation Days

In order to promote synthetic biology and IGEM organization, as IGEM METU team we participated the event of METU Orientation Days for newly coming students. In the organization with a specific stand for our team we explained some facts about synthetic biology with the fine presentations and the posters of our professors’ works. Also, with the great effort we tried to answer every single question about both synthetic biology and IGEM competition.



2.Party time for Synthetic Biology lovers!

To draw the public attention to both the synthetic biology we thought both funny and educational way, and so we said how did we integrate human practices in our synthetic biology project? The answer was in the part of parties! As IGEM members we planned a party. In the party both we had lots of fun and took the people attentions on IGEM competition. Actually, by that way we both gain some followers and sponsors.

Our display posters from the party


Some photos from the party


3.iGEM Student Club

Moreover, we made an effort to create and official IGEM community in METU to gain more support and member. The main aim of official iGEM community is increase the synthetic biology knowledge firstly in biological sciences department then whole university, city and country. Furthermore, this community also aims at improve practical side of the members besides the theoretical side of them.


4. Team Song!!!


I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

Transformation is my real test

Synthesizing my cause


I will surf across the web

For researchs far and wide

Each plasmid to understand

The promoter that’s inside


E.coli DH5 alpha

It’s you and me

I know its my destiny



Oo you’re my best friend

In a world we must defend

E.coli (Dh5 alpha)

A germ so true

Our knowledge will pull us through

You infect me and I will kill you


Synthesize them all!!!



Furthermore, to gain the attention of high school students, we just “went to basics”, we went to the high school of one of our team members and presented the competition as well as synthetic biology as a field which they can choose to study. To this voluntarily presentation, 88 students chose to participate and not only the students but also the teachers and the assistant principal which was an ex-biology teacher were amazed by the opportunities synthetic biology provides. We tried to encourage the school to participate in the HS division of iGEM, hopefully next year we will see them in this competition as well.