Wet Lab Works:

The laboratory that we used belongs to Prof. Mahinur Akkaya, who is also our instructor. We are very glad for her great support to our team and for the all stuff that she presented us and we present our happiness here. The PCR machine (we call it “umut”(in English ,hope)) and the water bath we got from Assoc. Prof. Cagdas Son. Furthermore, Assoc. Prof. Yesim Aydin Son helped us very much in our bioinformatic issues. Thanks to all!

We used the experience and some materials from last year's METU iGEM team. Furthermore, the most of the protocols that we used in wet lab were provided to us by Taylan Beyaztas, our wet lab advisor, we are very grateful to him for his great support. Also, we thank to our other wet lab advisor Çaglar Özketen for his help. Some parts that we finished are retrieved from Baskent Medical IGEM team. Also we used the Kill switch part from Berkeley`s system.

The whole wet lab works were done by undergraduate students, from freshmen to senior students, from lab cleaning up to transformations or gel extraction. We always prepared our own gels, or plates from zero. We should be thankful to all students who have worked hard there... Berke, Seda ,Alisan, Burak, Selin, Kübra, Özge, Oguz, Emre, Ekin, Gözde and Özgün.

Berke was the mastermind behind igem metu 2012. Without him, we would not have come together to form our new friendships and we would never have gotten the chance to get this much fun and experience.

Hifzissihha Ankara provided us with a Mycobacterium bovis vaccine from which we isolated our needed CODH gene, they appeared in the very last second and literally saved our project.


The whole models for our system were created by our team member Melike Dönertas. We don`t know what we would have done without her help?

Wiki design:

The main structure of the wiki is created by Hasan Fehmi Danaci, who is a software team member, with the help of Gökhan Ersoy, who is our advisor. Moreover, Buse Isbilir and Kübra Narci presented their help in filling the page.

Photographs and the Videos:

The photograph and the video all are taken by the members of the team. Video on our page was clustered up Oguz Bolgi.


Our master of coin here is Özgün Kirdar, most of the time he tried to find sponsors, and moreover he managed our flight and reservations.

Our Sponsors:

  • First of all we are very grateful to our Universities president, Prof.Dr Ahmet Acar, he offered us lots of materials to use in the laboratory and presented the moral support.
  • Metutech presented us the application fees.
  • GüvenVakfi corresponded our travel allowance.
  • Atasim modelled our team logo and provided our T-shirts.

  • Collobration:

    We provided Baskent Medical iGEM team with biobricks they are going to use from the kit plates, for a double check, of the parts they were having a problem with. It was a two sided collobration whereas we also had some biobricks from them that we had problems with.

    This team completed TU Munich's survey on Standardization of BioBrick part descriptions

We completed the survey of Ciencias UNAM team. Moreover, we collobrate with TU München iGEM team with their survey also, here is their gift to us!