Introducing the iGEM Team Bielefeld 2012

Who we are

Bielefeld iGEM-Team 2012: Back-row from left to right: Robert Braun, Gabriele Kleiner, Kevin Jarosch, Moritz Müller, Hakan Geyik, Miriam Fougeras, Saskia Scheibler, Agatha Walla. Front-row from left to right: Sebastian Wiebe, Isabel Huber, Julia Schirmacher, Nadine Legros, Malak Fawaz, Derya Kirasi, Julia Voss.

Our Team consists of 15 dedicated undergraduate students from Bielefeld University. We are majoring in Molecular Biotechnology, Genome-Based Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Molecular Cell Biology. Our participation in this competition enables us to get inolved in an international project, which gives us the chance to collaborate and challenge with excellent early stage researchers from all over the world. This participation results from personal and scientific interest and all our work is realized in our spare time besides the regular academic calendar. In order to realize our project, we try to maintain a high level of organization charge and accomplish a large amount of work. But despite all the work, we have a lot of fun

Robert Braun

Malak Fawaz

Miriam Fougeras

Hakan Geyik

Isabel Huber

Kevin Jarosch

Derya Kirasi

Gabriele Kleiner

Nadine Legros

Moritz Müller

Saskia Scheibler

Julia Schirmacher

Julia Voß

Agatha Walla

Sebastian Wiebe