The idea of this project arose from countless discussions, researches and presentations in team meetings (done by team members). So was the complete planning, and realization done by the students of iGEM Bielefeld Team 2012 with some tips from the advisers to avoid problems that came up in the years before. The whole lab work was executed by the student members of the team (and really everyone had their part to do to the last day).To get this big project organized we divided the team in small subteams (operating units):

Sponsoring and fancy stuff Kevin Jarosch, Robert Braun, Moritz Müller
Human practice and east-German-accent-PR-bitch Robert Braun (Rooobert!) & all the others
Chief of Lab, cloning princess and jack of all trades Isabel Huber (Hubba, Hubba!)
Cloning bacterial laccases Isabel Huber, Hakan Geyik
Cloning fungal laccases Isabel Huber, Julia Schirmacher
Generating cDNA and putting a "Sch" in front of everyone Saskia Scheibler, Agatha Walla (Sagatha)
Shuttle vector, yeast and methanol metabolism Julia Schirmacher (Juschi)
Cellulose binding domain and endless cloning Moritz Müller (mo)
Site directed mutagenesis and owner of the "finger of guilt" Moritz Müller
Sequencing, technical issues and call center Derya Kirasi
Cultivation of cells and capturing of proteins Kevin Jarosch, Gabriele Kleiner, Miriam Fougeras
Immobilization and shift work Malak Fawaz, Nadine Legros
Activity Test and baking Saskia Scheibler, Agatha Walla
MALDI and schedule fights Julia Voss (Juvoss)
Substrate Analysis and funky pictures Hakan Geyik, Sebastian Wiebe
Modeling and mate-tea Sebastian Wiebe
Wiki design and wake up calls in the middle of the night Julia Voss

Everyone participated and helped in human practices. Robert Braun was just head and contact. In public(interviews and newspapers), our team was represented by Kevin Jarosch und Robert Braun, but everyone had their part and represented their own opinion. All funds for the project were solicited by the sponsoring team (for sure team members and advisers gave suggestions where to ask).

However, there are some people without whom we could not have done all this work. People who gave us advise, helped us out with materials or simply cheered us up during some long days in the lab. (This page is constantly updated just to make sure we won't forget anyone.)

  • Our Instructor Dr. Jörn Kalinowski for providing us with an own laboratory room and supporting us with paper work, scientific guidance and financing. Furthermore we could use all of his equipment and materials.
  • We want to thank Prof. Dr. Alfred Pühler for promoting our work and always answering our questions.
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Erwin Flaschel for providing us with lab space. We were able to use all the fermentation equipment we needed in his Fermentation Engineering lab. As well, he helped us with the sponsoring.
  • Our Instructor Dr. Christian Rückert always gave great advice for our scientific problems. He helped us with ordering materials, drove for us to the Teacher´s workshop in Paris and gave a lot of helpful suggestions.
  • Nils Lübke and Timo Wolf as former iGEM team members helped us with their experience, listened to our endless discussions and problems during our weekly team meetings and adviced us on our public relations work.
  • Dominik Cholewa aided us with his knowledge considering our large-scale fermentations and various purification methods.
  • Thomas Hug helped us with questions about Pichia pastoris vector design and fermentation.
  • Michael Limberg who is sharing a lab with us and is therefore always our first try when having a question.
  • Dr. Marcus Persicke for measuring our LC-MS preparations and his advises
  • Maurice Telaar gave us pMTE cp46 His and helped us with questions about purification
  • Nikolas Kessler as a former iGEM team member gave us guidance especially with web and graphic design.
  • Armin Neshat as a former iGEM team member helped us with our everyday questions and ordered all our chemicals and primers.
  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer, leader of the working group from the Institute of Biochemistry, Dept. of Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald (Germany), send us the sequences and plasmids containing four sequences of different laccases of Trametes versicolor and the sequence of one Pycnoporus cinnabarinus laccase.
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Noll helped us finding sponsors by mediating contacts.
  • Thorsten Seidel for advice with GFP-linkers, helping us with A. thaliana and supplying us with some "spare parts".
  • Patrick Treffon for providing us with lovely A. thaliana plants.
  • Marten Moore for providing us with some A. thaliana cDNA for some pre-tests.
  • Katharina Thiedig for giving help and advice in Site Directed Mutagensis and with Clonemanager.
  • Nina Probst for blessing us with some actin primers.
  • Lovely Kordula Puls for supplying us with as well lovely Volvox carteri to present it at our Street Science day.
  • All members of the Coryne AG for sharing the lab and equipment with us as well as helping us with our everyday questions.
  • All members of the Fermentation Engineering AG for sharing the lab and equipment with us as well as helping us with our everyday questions.
  • Michael Epp for our "A Case for Laccase" video.
  • Jonas Aretz for mentoring us in the first month of the project.
  • Dr. Petra Lutter for answering so many questions about modelling and helping us with the sponsoring.
  • Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kuck for giving ideas of stable degradation products regarding the MS/MS of estradiol and ethinyl-estradiol

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