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Medal Fulfillment

  Bronze Medal

Register the team, have a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Jamboree.

  We registered our team as SUSTC-Shenzhen-A,enjoyed our great summer and autumn , and we're planning to having fun at the Asia Jamboree!


Successfully complete and submit this iGEM 2012 Judging form.

  For our judging form, please click here.


Create and share a Description of the team's project using the iGEM wiki..

  For our Overview of our first as well as main project (Biosearch) and second project(Biodesign),please click here.

  For individual abstracts:

   Please click here for Biosearch.

   Please click here for Biodesign.


Develop and make available via The Registry of Software Tools an open source software tool that supports synthetic biology based on BioBrick standard biological parts.

   For our download page of Biosearch, please click here.



  Sliver Medal

Provide a detailed, draft specification for the next version of your software tool.

  Our next version of Biosearch is in the future plan. Please click here for more details.


Provide a second, distinct software tools project.

   Our second software is Biodesign, a distinct iPhone app which enables you draft the cell in your pocket!.Please click here for details!



  Gold Medal

Have another team utilize the software developed by your team.


Lots of teams utilized and complimented our app, giving a number of detailed user experiences and valuable comments. For more details, please click User Review.


Outline and detail how your project effects Human Practice in Synthetic Biology.Such topics include: safety, security, ethics, or ownership, sharing, and innovation.


  For safety issues (including safety, security, ethics,etc), as a team which devoted ourselves to iPhone app development, we didn’t create any lab product. For more information , please click Safety.

  Sharing: please click Safety.