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<tr><td colspan="3"><div><h1 class="title">Quick tutorial</h1></div>
<tr><td colspan="3"><h1 class="title">Quick tutorial</h1>

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Quick tutorial

Select pictures

<-- Fig.1

   A picture can be selected by touching it. As shown in Fig.1, you have selected 4 pictures whose borders become red or blue. The red border means that there will be lines coming from the corresponding pictures and pointing to the blue-border pictures.

Fig.2 -->

  Fig.2 shows what happens after the selecting.

Select curves and arrows

<-- Fig.3

  Touching curves, if they become red and dashed, it means that you've selected it, as it is shown in Fig.3.

Fig.4 -->

  After selecting the curves, click the 'Edit' button on the top right to change the arrow type of the selected curves. See Fig.4

<-- Fig.5

  Please pay attention to the arrows of the red dashed curves. They have changed from triangle-like arrows into spear-like arrows. See Fig.5

Delete curves and arrows

<-- Fig.6

  Select a curve. Then press the 'Delete' button the top left. The selected curve and arrow will be deleted.