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Collaborative learning

During the brainstorm sessions a MSc student in Educational studies, Amalia Ephrat had recorded the way this team came to their final topic Snifferomyces! The team helped her to study the collaborative learning activities between students with different international backgrounds within the learning context of the University

Who is Amalia Ephrat? – Our MSc students in Educational studies

Amalia Ephrat is a MSc student in Educational studies at Leiden, she did a short internship focused on collaborative learning activities between students with an international background within the learning context of the university.

When students of diverse backgrounds participate in a project where collaborative learning is important, the individual differences can pose a series of challenges to the group processes. This is a well- known challenge for many Dutch universities, which makes it a relevant topic for educational research to investigate the means for intervention and the effects of those interventions on collaborative learning processes and outcomes.

Her plan is to improve collaborative learning amongst students of different backgrounds, by designing research and conduct measurement during the brainstorming phase of the project. Research shall consist of qualitative exploratory methods using observational methods and interviews and quantitative research using several questionnaires, including collaborative skills, empathy and intercultural conflict management.

The main focus of her research is the collaborative process in the iGEM group and the efficacy of the interventions of the supervisors to support the collaborative process in a culturally diverse group of students.