Human Practice

We designed four games in our iGEM adventure to explain our project and synthetic biology. The Smelling game, the Lego Receptor game and the Fluorescent Game were three smaller games for the Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap in Groningen. Our Llowlab Game for Lowlands was a bigger game.

Nacht van de Kunst & Wetenschap Games

Lego Receptor Game the light went on when a banana was placed but not when an apple was placed. This was to show that each receptor is activated by a specific molecule.
Smelling Game we had 10 different bottles with odors and the visitors of our table were called to find out what they smelled. The one that would find the most correct answers was the winner of our yeast cuddly toy.
Fluorescent Game was with two vases. One with sand the other with paprika powder. Mixed with water the solution with the paprika powder was becoming fluorescent. We explained that we mixed adapted yeast with a solution with our desired molecule and then yeast would activate the production of the fluorescence protein. /p>

Llowlab Game

We used this game to explain the molecule-receptor-protein-amino acids-DNA steps. It consisted of several parts:

  • Large illustrations of molecules
  • Wooden colored bricks representing amino acids
  • Table with the translation codes
  • Parts Registry
  • Yeast cuddly toy

We would start by a explanation about our project. Then we would encourage them to try to solve the puzzle and experience the process.
We had several large illustrations of molecules, representing a scent. Mostly familiar for them like alcohol or THC. Then they would start by building a receptor around the molecule. After this they could read the order of amino acids, the amino acid is written on the side of a brick. With these amino acid, they could find the DNA code in a table. After this they could write the sequence down and put in the parts registry. Every day at 7.00 pm we would draw one and give the winner a yeast cuddly toy. We had many compliments about this game, the best one was that they have to use this game to explain at high schools.

The parts of the Llowlab game
Making of the bricks