Human Outreach

NRC Handelsblad

NRC Handelsblad is a national dutch newspaper. The daily edition has, according to HOI certified annual statistics, a reach of 419.000 people.
The team had an interview on a two page spread at the beginning of August!
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Prior to Llowlab, one of our Human Outreach projects, Sietske gave an interview to Llowlab to explain what we will do there and why synthetic biology is very important. There was an article in their brochure as well and an interview with Mark Weijers during Llowlab by Wetenschap24 which is posted on their website.

Interview with Llowlab


Interview with Wetenschap24

Origin Magazine

Origin Magazine is the faculty magazine by and for the students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Life Science & Technology and Molecular Science & Technology at the Leiden University. This month, October 2012, a two page article was published about our "Sniffing project"!
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The TUDelft university newspaper, TUDelta, also posted an article about our Llowlab adventure on their website! But also at the printed version of September 2012.