Human Outreach

Our aim in Human Outreach was to spread project among a broad audience, to not only meet potential stake holders but to also create awareness among the general public. We invested a lot of time and effort but we have been rewarded with many opportunities. Frank Theys is making a documentary about us and a few other laboratories. We were invited to discuss our project at the Life Symposium. We educated children at the Floriade and at the Night of Art and Science. We discussed and explained our project at Llowlab, part of Lowlands, to (young) adults with many different backgrounds. So these past few months many interesting, critical and curious people crossed our path and we have been delighted to educate them and discuss our project with them.
Next to this we supported the development of knowledge by hosting Rob Carlson.

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Floriade Documentary Night of Art and Science

Life Symposium Lowlands - Llowlab Rob Carlson