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Isabel Huber

Studies: Genome-Based Systems Biology

The reason why I participate in iGEM: It’s a great opportunity to work as a team on our own project and to get to know other young scientists. I hope to gain new experiences and knowledge in lab and around.

What I hope to achieve during working in Lab: Much good results, what else ;)

What I do if I'm not in Lab: In my sparetime i like hanging out with friends. Also I like music festivals and do kickboxing.

My favourite Protein: I would say membrane receptors because with an outside signal they can cause much effect in cells. That’s cool.

And my favourite organism: I like Chlamydomonas. It is as easy to handle as bacteria, but it can additionally do photosynthesis.

What I think about safety an how I want to practise it: It’s very important to care about and know all safety regulations because we work with S1 organisms and chemicals in the lab every day and it’s in our responsibility to use them in a manner not to harm other people, the environment or ourselves.

Time I like most to work: (early bird/ not a morning person) Definitely a nightowl.