Analysis of the Feedback from Street Science
  • Occupation of the participants. 25% of the participants were, pupils and 29% were students and 21% were workers. Altogether, the participants had an positive impression on synthetic biology and in all cases participants were judging the happening as very well run and would visit a „Street-Science“-event again.
  • 58,33% of the participants considered "Street-Science" regarding to synthetic Biology as interesting and 41,67% as informative, 20,83% as Street-Science exeptionally and 33,33% found it innovative. Moreover 29,17% of the participants found it cosmopolitan and 41,67% found this event helpful.

  • 48% of the respondents indicated, that all questions could be answered, 38% of the participants indicated that almost every question could be answered, and 14% of them indicated, that most of the question could be answered.
  • The participants could choose from the scale 1 (absolutely not true) till 7 (absolutely true) to evaluate the following statements. The values are averaged.
  • The participants could choose from scale 1 (absolutely not true) till 7 (totally true). 4,21 was the average score of the participants, who were positively suprised about the project and about synthetic biology.


At the 2012 summer event, called „Street-Science“ the iGEM-Team of Bielefeld University invited the public to isolate DNA from vegetable and fruits. Also games like „Spitzen stecken“ (sticking pipette-tips) were provided for kids and whoever was brave enough to challenge a try or challenge one of our team members. The intention of our team was to talk about synthetic biology, show its possibilities and help dismantle prejudice against it. In favour to get feedback on the event, we had planned an evaluation survey, which participants could fill out anonymously. The results gained from the given suggestions, ideas and critics, were supposed to help us reflect unbiasedly about the work we had done. Moreover, through the questions of the survey, we wanted to find out whether we had successfully conveyed our project and the means of synthetic biology to the people. In addition we wanted to know what impression our team left on the participants.

Overall, the surveys was filled out by 24 participants, 33% women and 66% men. Most of the participants were students, pupils and workers.

The general sentiment was that a bigger space for the event would have been nice as well as more interactive experiments. Some suggested a donation box. But in general people stated that they were intrigued by our energetic and commited group of students and that we had been able to interest and educate them about synthetic biology. Some parents even stated that they would love to have an event like “Street-Science” at the local schools.

To read the original feedback interview click here.

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