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BostonU iGEM Team: Welcome

MoClo Kit

    One of our major contributions to the iGEM community is the submission of a MoClo Kit to the Registry. This kit is the summation of our MoClo Level 0 parts and Destination Vectors. For Level 0 parts, we currently have 17 promoters, 5 ribosomal bindiing sites, 3 genes, and 1 terminator. We are still working on expanding that list and will have updated numbers at the Jamboree.

    At the time of the Wiki Freeze, our submitted parts included:

    We plan to add more parts to our Kit after the competition in order to complete our Kit so future iGEM teams can benefit from our efforts. These include all Level 2 Destination Vectors and some other parts that we failed to amplify this summer due to particularly troublesome PCRs (including repressible and inducible promoters and more genes).