BostonU iGEM Team: Welcome

Summer Fun

Physics with Professor Lewin

    On Friday, June 29, we joined the iGEM teams from MIT and Wellesley on the MIT campus and attended a lecture given by Professor Walter Lewin, who is a world renowned physics professor (emeritus) from MIT. A few lucky students from the iGEM teams were then interviewed after the lecture.

    Following lunch with our fellow iGEM students, we toured the MIT iGEM lab. Unfortunately, not everyone was dressed appropriately for the full lab tour. Those with shorts or sandals had to sit out by the kitchen area while the others continued on the tour. Safety first!

Camping with CIDAR Lab

    On Sunday, July 15, Monique and the team mentors joined the rest of the CIDAR lab on a camping trip in Harold Parker State Park in North Andover, MA. Unfortunately, Shawn was unable to make the trip due to a previous engagement.

Ginkgo Bioworks Tour

    On Thursday, August 9, Monique, Shawn, Swati, Sonya, and Traci attended a tour of Ginkgo Bioworks, which was organized by Felix Sun, a member of the MIT team.

Summer BBQ

    On Sunday, August 19, Monique, Swati, and Traci attended a BBQ hosted at Doug's house along with the rest of the CIDAR lab. Unfortunately, Sonya, and Shawn were unable to make the BBQ due to previous engagements.

iGEM America East Regional at Pittsburgh, PA

    • We had a great time at the jamboree! We were able to obtain a gold medal and also advance to the international Jamboree! Here are some pictures :)