BostonU iGEM Team: Welcome

iGEM Collaborations

    We're working closely with the Wellesley HCI software team this year.

    In June, we hosted the Wellesley team at BU where we discussed our projects and started planning how we could work together. The following day we visited their campus for a brainstorming session where we started to discuss software tools that our team could use in the wet lab.

    The MoClo Planner

      The MoClo Planner is a software tool that the Wellesley team has developed that will assign the fusion sites and generate the primers required to utilize the MoClo Assembly method to create genetic devices. In the two brainstorming sessions, our team worked with the Wellesley team to explain and help develop the ideas that led to the implementation of this tool. We also tested the software on July 30th and provided the team with feedback and suggestions for the next stages of the tool's development.

Corporate Collaborations

    As we continue collecting characterization data from our flow cytometry experiments, we have been working closely with a group of computer scientists at Raytheon BBN Technologies to help analyze our characterization data.