We think that besides a competition, iGEM is a social event and a unique opportunity to get in touch with young scientists all around the world with the same interests as you. It is really grateful to interact with other teams, share experiences, help each other and talk about science. For this reason we have tried to follow as many teams as possible to know what they are working on and try to help as far as possible. Twitter and Facebook are great tools for this, as well as the new social network only for igemers that the Trieste Team has recently developed:

More specifically we have been collaborating with the following teams:

Copenhagen and Chile

As we are working on very similar projects (the development of a biolamp that includes cyanobacteria) we have been contacting each other during the summer to help us and know the general aspects of our projects.

Chile has been open to send us some of the BioBricks they have construct, but because lack of time we couldn't test them in our system.

We have provided Copenhagen the metabolic model of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 and a software to analyze it to help them with the modeling part. On the other hand they offered us the luxCDABE cassette provided from Tom Knight without the illegal XbaI restriction site, as well as some DH5α E.coli strains done by themselves.

Thank you to be open to work with us :)!


We asked Uppsala (at the beginning of July) if they could send us the system they developed last year (link a la wiki) to test if it could work in Cyanobacteria. They send us the following parts:

Due to our great mail system the agarstabs arrived in the beginning of September and we couldn't test them. However, we are really grateful to them for wasting their precious time in preparing the agar stabs for us. A big thanks to you!

University College of London

The UCL team is driving a radio show #gemFM wich involves interviews with international teams for giving people a sense of the global iGEM community and the breadth and diversity of synthetic biology projects.

Of course, we could not miss this opportunity and asked them to participate in it. Stay tuned to listen us.