We have:

  1. Designed the first photosynthetically powered biolamp, an environmentally friendly lamp that uses light as energy source and living cells as light emissor.

  2. Applied and introduced for the very first time on the iGEM contest the synthetic ecology concept, designing an artificial consortium between two marine organisms.

  3. Built a theoretical model for the processes involved in our biolamp in order to predict and optimize the conditions where our biolamp works more optimal.

  4. Transformed the PCC7942 Synechococcus elongatus strain in order to test and characterize the psbAI promoter.

  5. Submitted a well characterized part as a BioBrick:the Synechococcus elongatus psbAI promoter (BBA_754000) and placed it on the backbone plasmid pSB1C3

  6. Opened a bilingual weblog (English and Spanish) about synthetic biology, focusing specially on the divulgation and human practices issues; being even mentioned on the iGEM publicity page.

  7. Established collaborations with the iGEM teams from the University of Copenhagen,Chile Catholic Unviersity, Uppsala and University College of London.

  8. Tested and characterized new culture medium for growing cyanobacteria in our lab conditions.

  9. Transformed a DH5α E. coli strain for producing AHL in order to test Allivibrio fischeri bioluminescence.

  10. Fulfilled all the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal requirements requested by the constest (having fullfied in the last case two of the three requierements we could choose from).