We have to thank some people for their help because without them a lot of advances that we have done would have been impossible. Because of that, we want to dedicate this part of the wiki to name them, so you can know what they have helped to and why their help has been so important. Finally, we think it is important to give them some recognition.

  • Daniel Ducat: We want to thank Daniel for kindly lending us the cscB expressing Synechococcus elongatus, fundamental chassis of our project. We inspired a big part of our idea in the advanced his group made in sugar secreting "donor" cyanobacteria at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering (Harvard University.

  • Susan Golden: Notice the generous and inestimable help of Susan Golden, distinguished Professor from the UC San Diego University who sent us the plasmids and protocols to transform our cyanobacteria. Without her help and good advices we could have not done our project. More in concret, her lab sent us 5 different plasmids (pAM977, pAM1573, pAM1619, pAM2195, pAM2314): some of them with the psbAI promotor attached to the lux genes of Vibrio harveyi and some others empty to insert our own constructs.

  • Javier Espinosa, from Fisiology, Genetic and Microbiology departments of University of Alicante: We are grateful for his collaboration in our iGEM project because he is who has provided for us the Wild Type strain, without which we could't transformed Synechococcus. Furthermore, be grateful for all protocols about coccus culture and plasmid and oligonucleotids transformations.

  • Dr. Carratalá: We thank him for providing us with the spectrophotometer and fluorimeter to analyze cell density and physiological functions of our cultures.

  • Marisa Salvador, from the Molecular Biology Department of University of Valencia: Thanks for her patience,attention and collaboration with all about Chlamydomonas.

  • Joaquín Moreno, from Molecular Biology Department of University of Valencia:Thank you for solving all our doubts about cultures and protocols, and lending us some of your time for our project.

  • Diego Orzáez, from IBMCP(Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas)(UPV-CSIC):Thank you for lending us your time and being open to provide us held when we demanded.

  • Dr. Justo Aznar Lucea: We want to thank him as head of the UCV's Ethics department, for granting a interview to our Human Practices team.
  • Borja Martinez-Clavel Vallés: Special mention for designing our team mascot,"Coccusin", with its different versions.

  • Metrovalencia: We are grateful for letting us participate in the activities organized last 22th of September.

  • ICM de Barcelona : For their outreach support, organising the seminar by our team member Alex while he was working with them in Summer.

  • IBMCP(UPV-CSIC): We feel very grateful for all the help we received from the staff of this institution, solving our doubts about ligations, and being there for us when we needed them.

  • Victoria Palazón Dávila: Thanks for recording and editing the lab video.

  • Marta Chillerón Rueda: Thanks for designing our iGEM logo.

  • Raul Gancedo Sabater: In last place, but not less importantly, thanks for his inestimable help at the programming and design of the integrative coculture model.