Team:UANL Mty-Mexico/jrhighschoolvisited


iGEM UANL 2012

Jr. High Schools Visited

Colegio Labastida

Our team was a special guest, where we were part of the anual science fair; we made our presentation before approximately 300 children from different grades at junior high level. We completed the banana DNA extraction in a demonstrative exhibition; kids showed curiosity and interest towards the topic during the talk and the DNA extraction activity.

Colegio Independencia

We were invited to present our talk to last year junior high student, who were very interested in the topic; we perfomed the DNA extraction with whole groups.

Escuela Secundaria # 3

We participated with our talk and the project generation activity, using some already registered BioBricks; satisfactory results were obtained, as kids presented their own projects, showing that they understood the concept of Synthetic Biology and iGEM.

Colegio La Salle

We were invited to give our talk and to perform our activity of generating a Project using BioBricks. Kids were very enthusiastic. We also presented an introduction to Synthetic Biology and performed the DNA extraction.

Secundaria # 83

The team was invited to this junior high school in the municipality of Guadalupe. We gave our introductory talk about Synthetic Biology and performed the banana DNA extraction.


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