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iGEM UANL 2012


Here we present our most representative results, it includes main electrophoresis gels of the more important genetic contructions, as well as the maps of the vectors

Figure 1. This gel is a partial restriction of the bifasic switch necessary for the HuBac project (iGEM 2011 UANL Mty-Mexico).
Figure 2. Map of the S4-GFP-S1 contruction in the pSB1C3 vector, and a simulation of a digestion with EcoRI and PstI.

Figure 3. Ready for the minipreps! Here are some transformed bacteria cultures, in the right we can see the clone 1 of the 1-3A+L2 genetic construction.

Figure 4. Here's a partial digest of the construction 1-3A+L2 cutted with XhoI.

Figure 5. Positive restriction digest of 1-3A+L2 and 1-3A (pSB1C3) as control vector.

Figure 6. Maps and simulation of restriction digest of p1C3-L2 and pSB1C3, simulation with XhoI.

Figure 7. 600th, not just a regular gel, 10 tracks of Cph8 (photoreceptor), 2 tracks of 1-23L (terminator), 10 tracks of S1TT (genetic contruction of a the first part Biphasic switch and terminator) and a last track of S4-GFP (second part of the Biphasic swith) all of these used for HuBac project.

Figure 8. Synthetic genes.

Figure 9. Cloning the synthetics, minipreps of he synthetics genes.

Figure 10. Subcloning the synthetic constitutive promoter into 1-3A.

Figure 11. Maps and digestions simulations of 1-3A+p21 (constitutive promoter) and 1-3A both cutted with XhoI.

Figure 12. Electrophoresis gels of rhMT clones, rhMT+L2 and 1-3A (rhMT iin pUC57 vector).

Figure 13. Simulation of restriction digest of rhMT in pUC57, digested with EcoRI-PstI.

Figure 14. Vector map of L2+rhMT and pSB1C3, simulation of digestion with EcoRI+PstI.

Figure 15. Electrophoresis gel of different clones of 1-3A+L2 digested with EcoRI+PstI or XhoI, digestion of rhMT+L2 in pSB1C3, cutted with XhoI.

Figure 16. Simulation of rhMT+L2 in pSB1C3 cutted with EcoRI+PstI or XhoI and p1C3+L2 digested with XhoI.

Figure 17. L2 in pSB1C3 vector digestion assay.

Figure 18. Different rhMT+L2 and L2 in p1C3 vector digestion profiles.

Figure 19. GlpF transportator cloned in pSB3T5 bacteria (white colonies).

Figure 20. GlpF transportator cloned in pSB3T5 digestion

Figure 21. High-speed double digestion in a microwave at different seconds (tracks 2-4).

Figure 22. Map of pSB1C3-RFP, and a simulation of a digestion with EcoRI and PstI.

Figure 23. A little fragment in an electrophoresis gel, aaaand it's gone.

Figure 24. As you can see, this is what we mean when we say "work optimization".


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