Team:UANL Mty-Mexico/Modeling


iGEM UANL 2012


Beside the experimental work we did for our project "E. cologic", we also developed an ODE model. It is divided into three main modules:

  1. Transport and accumulation
  2. Biosensor
  3. Silica binding

Whenever possible, we will make a model in an unicellular, genetic circuit level (as is the case for the Biosensor module), but usually we'll be modeling in a population level.

The goal of both models is to predict the change in the concentration of arsenic and the biosensor activity after exposure to the "E. cologic" system.

General procedure

Our models consist on a series of ODEs, whose parameters have been obtained through a literature and previous work review or through experimental work by our team. However, there are some points where we do not have any suitable data; in these cases, we left only the enunciation of our model, along with a steady state analysis.

The ODEs and the equations for the steady state analysis were represented and solved using Simulink and the ODE solvers embedded.


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