Prokaryotic cells

In prokaryotic cells, the system consists of three circuits. One induces flip, one flips and the other expresses. According to the properties of the promoter pBAD, we build the first circuit, using arabinose as an inducement to generate the recombinase Cre.readmore

Eukaryotic cells

Life process in eukaryotic cells is much more complicate, especially when it is related to signal transportation. We choose microRNA to transport cues and Bxb1 to realize the flipping process. Using microRNA can not only simplify the design of the system, making sure the transportation is precise and efficient, but also ensure the independency with other life processes due to the orthogonality of the microRNA and other signals. readmore


The efficiency of cre-loxp system is extremely vital to our design; it may fluctuate a lot in that the DNA are reversible.
Based on our model, we designed some experiments to test the inversion efficiency. We used the flow cytometer to analyz our results.readmore


We constructed 4 parts and more parts are under construction.readmore