Synthetic biology is an interdiscipline which combines science and engineering. In order to solve the problems that might be encountered in our project, team members majoring in different disciplines were recruited. Sixteen of us are undergraduate students from 7 different departments, and the other 3 come from Bioinformatics Division & Center of Synthetic and Systems Biology, TNLIST in Tsinghua University as advisors A brief introduction is presented below.


Members(undergraduates): Bao Tianpeng, Wu Zhaoming, Chen Kejie, Feng Zili, Feng Zhichao, Guo Mingzhou, Wu Hang, Zhu Ziqi, Tang Zhao, Huang Di, Ye Hanjie, Liu Xi, Xu Haixiang, Zhou Zhenxu, Liao Weixi, Wei Lei.
Advisors(instructors): Wang Xiaowo, Xie Zhen, Chen Yang, Liu Honglei
Project design:
Liao Weixi, Liu Xi
Wet Lab:
We all make a contribution in the wet lab, and the majority of the job was done by:
Liao Weixi, Wei Lei, Xu Haixiang, Tang Zhao, Wu Zhaoming.
Feng Zhichao, Wu Hang, Ye Hanjie, Bao Tianpeng, Xu Haixiang, Huang Di.
Human Practice:
Zhou Zhenxu, Chen Kejie
Wiki design:
Guo Mingzhou, Feng Zili, Zhu Ziqi

Dr. Xie, Dr. Wang, Dr Chen, Ms. Liu(graduate)
Michael’s Lab, Xie’s Lab
CSSB(Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology), TNLIST.
Department of Automation, Tsinghua Univ.