• Week13


    Asia Jamboree in HKUST!

    We met many teams from China, Japan, Korea, India and Indoneisa. We presented a high quality presentation. Yet we received many good advices from the judges. And we showed our poster and made many friends! But it is a little upset that we only got a silver medal. We think that we deserved a gold medal. Because we think we fulfilled every requirements of a gold medal.

  • Week 14, 15

    First two weeks from Hong Kong. We were a little upset since we were not invited to MIT. So we did nothing these two weeks.


  • Week 16

    Good news! We were invited to MIT, too! We came back to our second project---BioDesign. Xiao Tong and Zili Fan were in charge of the drawing part. They spent virtually all the spare time on this project. Sometimes they even skipped classes to write code. Mubing Zhou was in charge of the rest part other than the drawing part. He was also very hardworking. Deng Pan and Yujun Zhao were in charge of updating BioSearch. While Qijia Cheng, Chenchen Lyu and Junqiu Zhang were busy preparing the presentation. Yidan Pan and Xin Yang were in charge of the wiki writing. And Jingyao Guo and Yiqi Jiang were in charge of name card making and poster redesigning.


  • Week 17

    Since we had had some experience in writing codes, we didn't discuss too much when developing BioDesign. This week. We kept working hard. Xiao Tong, Zili Fan and Mubing Zhou already finished BioDesign. But there was a huge task remaining--debugging. Hundreds of bugs were hidden between lines. Sometimes, they spent half a day just to fix a tiny problem. Other guys were still doing their jobs. Jingyao Guo and Yiqi Jiang printed our name cards and new poster. Deng Pan and Yujun Zhao fixed some bugs in BioSearch.


  • Week 18

    World Jamboree in MIT!