Final Project


  Final project required students to form a group of 3 members. Each group should give a detailed and practical proposal about their project to participate iGEM competition. According to our instructor’s demands, each team has to present their idea within 4 slides. Every student has to contribute to both the presentation and the essay .Here’s a summary of their final project:


  For all the slides and reports, please click here.



  Team Fan Zili, Zhang Junqiu, Yang Xin:


  “We desire to take colorful photograph with E.coli. We plan to design a multi-bacterial system; each class of bacteria is switched among different states by corresponding wavelength of light signals. We control the color distribution of the photograph by spatially adjusting the ratio of different projecting wavelengths which induces the secretion of corresponding type of fluorine to achieve our aim.”




  Team Tong Xiao, Guo Jingyao, Zhao Yujun:


  “The website ‘Registry of Standard Biological Parts’ promotes the development of synthetic biology through providing Biobricks. To expand its influence in data exchange, we found it necessary to build an iPhone application for it. In our report, we described the main methods and some basic knowledge of building such a application. Also, we discuss about the extra functions of the application for further development.”




  Team Jiang Yiqi, Lv Chen Chen, Zhou Mubing:


  “Our Team expect the app can precisely search BioBricks and previous iGEM achievements. By using this app, user can get the information anywhere without limitations of conditions. At the same time, users can save the list of the BioBricks they need and share it with colleagues to avoid unnecessary effort in their work. We consider to design a better user interface to make it easier for users to learn to use it.”