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iGEM Paris Bettencourt 2012



The collaborations of our team this year was based on mutual exchange on containment, safety and human practices in general in the synthetic biology realm. Our lovely collaborators:

  • iGEM Grenoble team:
    We helped Jerome and Nadia improve their safety sheet proposal for the parts registry, considering the content, layout, and its accessibility.
    Team members came to our debate, and were part of the adjudication pannel, they gave us detailed feedback at the end.
  • iGEM UCL team:
    Bethan and Philipp came to Paris! We helped them set up meetings with researchers from La Paillasse (DIY bio lab) and Fabelier (DIY tinkerers) and offered them crash.
    Philipp kindly participated in the debate as part of the adjudication pannel, and Bethan brought an interesting perspective to the post-debate discussion.

Responsibilities in the Team

All of the designs, constructs (unless stated otherwise) and experiments presented in this wiki were performed by the members of the 2012 Paris Bettencourt team. The advisors and instructors were providing feedback and advice, when needed. None of the subjects of this project are being studied or developed in the hosting lab.

All members of the team were following the development of the project as a whole. However, in order to be able to work on several modules simultaneously, we formed teams of 1 or 2 that were mainly responsible for each part.

Delay system: Ernest Mordret
Semantic containment: Jean Cury
Restriction enzyme system: Denis Samuylov and Claire Mayer
MAGE: Guillaume Villain and Zoran Marinkovic
Suicide system: Julianne Rieders and Aishah Prastowo
Encapsulation: Dylan Iverson
Synthetic Import Domain: Zoran Marinkovic and Guillaume Villain
Human practice: Claire Mayer and Jean Cury
Safety assessment: Aishah Prastowo
Wiki layout: Jean Cury
Stop motion: Dylan Iverson, Jean Cury and Julianne Rieders
Bonus: Aishah Prastowo and Julianne Rieder

External help

We are extremely thankful to all the following labs, iGEM teams, researchers we met, and other people, for their help :

  • Sara Aguiton for her precious advice on the human practice report.
  • Professor Mamzer-Bruneel, Professor Gouyon, Professor Morange, Doctor Ricroch for the interviews.
  • Professor Yokobayashi, for the sRNA repression plasmidic system
  • Dr. Osnat Gillor, for the Colicin E2 strains
  • Miklos de Zamaroczy, for the Colicin D strain
  • Bethan and Philip from the UCL iGEM team for participating in our debate and for their discusion and feedback.
  • GrĂ©gory Hansen and Jean-Baptise Lugagne from the grenoble iGEM team for participating in our debate, and for their feedback.
  • Dr. Rosenberg, for the SMR6316 strain with encoded I-SceI endonuclease.
  • Dr. Josef Altenbuchner, for the plasmid pJOE3075 with encoded Rhamnose promoter.
  • Esengul Yildirim and TUDelft iGEM 2012 team for sending us two biobricks: BBa_K175027 and BBa_K175041.
  • Theo Sanderson of Cambridge iGEM 2010 team for advice on use of the lux brick.
  • Myelin Haoqian Zhang for help with mercury project.
  • Bristol 2010 iGEM team for their wonderful Nitrate reporter.

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